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shiloh wheturangi guy Aupouri rau Whangamata , New Zealand

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About me

well i'm hot i have hazel eyes with brown skin and with ginger and brown hair and i'm fun to hang out with and i like spending time with my friends and i like gouing to parties and spending my time with my girls mates at night


well my lifestyle is pretty good. i hve a good job and a badest ass car and a nice house and it's cool living next to the beach


i love music.the music i listening to is hip hop and R&b and music that gets meh in the mood

Movies and TV:

T.V is like my life and movie is my brain i like watching action movies and more


i play touch,rugby,leg too these are my favourite sports


i am the man at art.... drawing and painting and shading and more


well i'm the man in bed if you wanted to know too


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